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Classical Acupuncture Mentorship

Chinese Medicine education honoring the classics, rooted in practice

2021 Online Classical Acupuncture Mentorship

SPRING 2021 (Module 1)

February 21 - May 16

(Next Day - AUS/NZ)

Module 1 will cover the Complement Channels in Context, Primary Channels, Pulse Introduction, and the Longitudinal Luo Vessels.

Available as an online distance-learning course


20 CEUs (NCCAOM & CA, pending)

SUMMER 2021 (Module 2)

June 6 - August 22

(Next Day - AUS/NZ)

Module 2 will cover Probing & Directional Pulses, Intuition, Sinew Channels, and Divergent Channels.

20 CEUs (NCCAOM & CA, pending)

FALL 2021 (Module 3)

September 12 - November 21

(Next Day - AUS/NZ)

Module 3 will cover Vibrating & Entity Pulses, Extraordinary Vessels, Transverse / Cardiovascular / Digestive Luos, and Gu (Parasite) / Gui (Ghost) Theory.

20 CEUs (NCCAOM & CA, pending)


The Classical Acupuncture Mentorship offers a curriculum designed by Sean Tuten, DOM that honors the classics of Chinese Medicine while prioritizing clinical diagnosis, practice, and specialized treatment techniques.  The full curriculum is over 84 hours of continuing education that covers the Primary and Complement Channels of Acupuncture and can be taught in whole or in part.  


In addition, we offer Mentorship Clinics which are designed for participants to observe and practice  clinical skills under the supervision of an advanced practitioner.

Dandelion Leaves

Quality, engaging presentations from inspiring senior practitioners.

Dry Woods

A very special community of like-minded practitioners engaging with the Primary and Complement Channels of Acupuncture.

Curvy Tree Road

Mentorship Clinics that offer licensed practitioners the chance to practice with supervision from senior practitioners designed to engender confidence in their clinical skills.


  • Musculoskeletal, Dermatological, and Mood Disorders: Sinew Channels

  • Emotional & Mental Health Disorders: Longitudinal Luo Vessels

  • Organ Inflammation: Transverse Luo Vessels

  • Cardiovascular Disorders: Cardiovascular Luo Vessels

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders: Digestive Luo Vessels

  • Chronic Degenerative Disorders: Divergent Channels

  • Congenital, Hereditary & Epigenetic Disease: Extraordinary Vessels

  • Severe Mental Health & Parasitic Diseases: Gu (Parasite) and Gui (Ghost) Treatments