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Classical Acupuncture Mentorship

Chinese Medicine education honoring the classics, rooted in practice


The Classical Acupuncture Mentorship offers a curriculum designed by Sean Tuten, DOM, DAOM that honors the classics of Chinese Medicine while prioritizing clinical diagnosis, practice, and specialized treatment techniques.  The full curriculum is over 84 hours of continuing education that covers the Primary and Complement Channels of Acupuncture and can be taught in whole or in part.  


In addition, we seek to enlist master practitioners as guest lecturers to present material in their specialty and to offer training in advanced clinical skills.


Quality, engaging presentations from inspiring senior practitioners.


A growing community of like-minded practitioners engaging with the Primary and Complement Channels of Acupuncture.


Mentorship Clinics that offer licensed practitioners the chance to practice with supervision from senior practitioners designed to engender confidence in their clinical skills.


  • Development of the Constitution and its expression via the Ming-Men, Back-Shu, Zang-Fu, and Yuan-Source Points

  • Extraordinary Vessels, the Three Ancestries, and each trajectory's blueprint for human developmental and the Destiny

  • Classical Physiology and Metabolism of the Vital Substances: Jing, Sui, Xue, Jin, Ye, Qi, Yang

  • Shu Points and their relationships to the Complement Channel system

  • Disease Progression from Sinew Channels to the Zang-Fu Organs, Remission, and Latency

  • Three levels of Qi: Yuan Qi (Constitution), Ying Qi (Consciousness), and Wei Qi (Intuition)

  • Pulse Diagnosis: Pulse Pictures & Qualities, Probing Pulses, Dynamic Pulses, and Vibrating Pulses

  • Longitudinal Luo Vessels, Blood Stasis, and the Shen Spirit

  • Filling versus Emptying Longitudinal Luo Vessels (acute vs. chronic emotional disorders)

  • Transverse Luo Vessels and Inflammation of the Viscera

  • Circulatory Luo Vessel treatment protocols, and relationship to Longitudinal Luos

  • Digestive Luo Vessel treatment protocols, and relationship to Transverse Luos

  • Extraordinary Luo Vessels, Genetic Damage, Karma and Heredity

  • Much more!


The Classical Acupuncture Mentorship is a cooperative of like-minded teachers and practitioners who seek to advance an understanding of Chinese Medicine honoring the classics and rooted in practice.



5800 McLeod Rd NE, Suite C

Albuquerque, NM 87109

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